Ciao Bella: The Top 5 Italian Restaurants in San Diego

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Does anyone do food like the Italians? Really, truly, love food like that entire country does? We’re not so sure, so let’s tip our hats to the best of our boot-shaped eateries in San Diego with our Top 5 Italian restaurants in the city!

1 Acqua Al 2 Risorante

If you're looking for authentic incredible Italian food in the heart of San Diego, you're looking for Acqua Al 2. Patterned after the famous original restuarant in Florence, everything from the menu to the serving style to the chef are the real deal, and the food is beyond incredible. Order up the Fileno al Mirtillio, fliet mignon in unique blueberry sauce, it's literally to die for.

322 5th Avenue San Diego, CA. 92101

2 BiCE Risorante

BiCE Ristorante is arguably the best Italian restaurant in all of San Diego. A very chic venue, this menu is combining the new with the time-honored in Italian cuisine and coming up with delicious dish after delicious dish. Chef Mario Cassineri is a Milanese import himself, and the style he uses comes from a home-grown refined taste in authentic Italian cuisine, along with a twist on some old favorites. With an ever-changing menu focusing on using seasonal and local ingredients, this is an experience in fine Italian dining.

425 Island Ave San Diego, CA

3 de'Medici

If you're looking for home-cooked, passed down from generations, open the door and smell your Italian grandmother's spices Italian dining, you want to head into de'Medici. Located in the heart of the Gaslamp, this restaurant is focused on keeping things traditional, from the gretting you get upton entering to the food you stuff yourself with before leaving. With items on the menu all from the "old-world", this restaurant is like visiting family while you enjoy their award-winning Sole Portofino. Come in, and be a guest at the table, complete with a genuinely happy greeting and leave with a feeling of inclusion.

815 Fifth Avenue  San Diego, CA. 92101 619.702.7228

4 The merK Bistro Italiano

The merK really starts their dining expedition with the ingredients, focusing heavily on finding the most local, fresh, highest quality pieces for their cuisine masterpieces. Starting each meal and day from scratch, their commitment to excellence in ingredients is part of the reason why their Italian food is so incredible. Located in the Gaslamp, this restaurant is a great addition to our Top 5 list. Describing their food as rustic Italian with a California twist, it's giving us in San Diego the best of both worlds.

820 5th Ave, San Diego, CA, 92101. Phone: 619-814-6375

5 Primavera Ristorante

Primavera Ristorante in Coronado isn't just one of the best Italian restaurants, it's one of San Diego's finest restaurants overall. When you come here, you're going to be told to immediately order the Osso Buco, and this isn't just a suggestion, it's pretty much a requirement because it's simply that good. Chef Pepe Vega has been perfecting his art for over two decades, and it shows in every bite. You don't just get voted Best Italian in Zagat for no reason, and Primavera has every reason to hold it's title there. If you want the best Italian, you come here.  Period.

 932 Orange Avenue  Coronado, CA 92118 (619) 435-0454

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