All Business: The Top 5 Power Lunch Spots in San Diego

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You cannot take a business partner, potential client, or board of directors just anywhere for a meal.  When “power” is in the title of your lunch, you better know exactly where you’re headed and make sure it’s the perfect place for your power play to go down.  Here are the Top 5 places for a power lunch in San Diego!

1 Dobson's

No one really knows the secret to acquiring a repuation and making a name for yourself, but if you could bottle it, you'd find the same ingredients floating around Dobson's. A staple in the Gaslamp for over twenty years, this is the restaurant all high-powered luncheons take place in throughout San Diego. Don't think for one second you can walk in with your boss and get a table, though, this place requires a reservation to run elbows with the suits that got here early.

956 Broadwy Circle

San Diego, CA 92101

2 The Zodiac

Where better to host a power lunch than within the elegant and classy dining room in Neiman Marcus? The Zodiac is a popular place for the lunchtime power crowd, where men can relax and women can enjoy the scenery while indulging in the amazing lobster club or the cooked-to-perfection filet mignon. It's a place that will both impress and satisfy even the most difficult of work colleagues.

7027 Friars Road

San Diego, CA 92108

3 George's California Modern

If you need to impress, or appear powerful, this is the place to take your lunch party. Serving up dishes most reserve for prime dinner hours, George's California Modern is an amazing lunch stop. Located in beautiful La Jolla with glass walls facing the sea where dolphins are known to pop their heads up while you dine, this restaurant not only shows your class in choosing such a venue, but it also shows your attention to culinary detail in choosing a restaurant with such amazing lunch fare.

4 Taka

There's nothing more current in cuisine than sushi, and when you're talking business a spicy tuna roll and glass of sake are always relevant. Taka is arguably some of the best sushi in San Diego, and specifically speaking on business lunches, their service is efficient and non-intrusive. There is no crazy wait time for your food, nor is there an annoying waiter coming by every five minutes. The sushi is incredible, and they do offer some great cooked dishes on the off-chance your business partners don't go for the raw side of dining. Taka is definitely a venue to consider when planning a power lunch.

555 5th Avenue

San Diego, CA 92101

5 Oceanaire

Oceanaire is an amazing restaurant, and the lunch menu is so delicious it's a reason to bring anyone from your office along with you as an excuse to eat there! As the resident seafood experts, and with a prime location in the heart of the Gaslamp, it's both convenient and tasty. A popular spot for lunch, this isn't a place to wander in at noon and hope for a table, but if you're looking to have an important meeting amidst incredible food reserve a booth and enjoy your crab legs and oysters over your legal pad and laptops.

400 J street

San Diego, CA 92101

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