Smoke Rings: The Top 5 Cigar Bars in San Diego

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1 Excalibur Cigar & Wine Lounge

Plasmas, leather couches, the largest walk-in humidor in San Diego, private cigar lockers, and a pride point of wine selection, this is an amazing shop. Located in Clairemont, this shop makes it a point to find the best in everything, in hopes of making the best stop for it's patrons.  Catering to both experts and newbies, Excalibur really knows it's stuff and is all about expanding the family and welcoming guests of all walks of life to enjoy a game on the big screen while sipping your white wine and puffing on an Excalibur Private Blend and enjoying the best of the best.
8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite O
San Diego, CA 92111

2 Cuban Cigar Factory and Wine Bar

This cigar bar, specializing in Cuban cigars in case the name didn't tip you off, is a great social outlet and way to enjoy your cigars.  Hosting lunch, dinner, and a great selection of spirits, this place doesn't encourage you to make your purchase and leave, they encourage you to make your purchase and hang, and then come back tomorrow and do the same.  Often packed and busy, and sporting a great humidor of cigar selections from varied ares, this is a great stop in San Diego when in search of a fine cigar and fine company.
551 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

3 Churchill Cigar Lounge

Located in downtown historic San Diego, Churchill Cigar Lounge is the place to kick back and enjoy a smoke on the patio and take a load off.  As one of the largest carriers of premium cigars in San Diego, and one of the few carrying the exclusive Zino Platinum Crown series, this small but mighty shop is top of the list when it comes to premium cigars.  Also hosting a great wine bar and prime location, Churchill is a big name in the SD cigar game, and for good reason.
2415 San Diego Ave.
San Diego, CA 92110

4 Racine and Laramie

If old money is better than new money, then Racine and Laramie is better than the rest. Opened in 1868, R&L is San Diego's first cigar shop and is still operating over a century later! Stocking eight brands and makers of cigars, R&L is not the largest, nor is it the most varied, but it is the longest standing and most rich with historical roots in this great city, and that's something to consider. They also keep a great humidor and believe in their fine stock, keeping with the tradition they started so long ago.
2737 San Diego Ave.
San Diego, CA 92110

5 Cigar Grotto

Located in Oceanside, Cigar Grotto is like the Cheers of cigar bars, pretty soon everybody knows your name.  Cigar Grotto is a family operation, started by the wonderful married couple still running it today, and it's a place everyone should drop in at in search of great cigars.  With a great walk-in humidor and comfortable lounge showing all the major sport events, Cigar Grotto hits all the marks on being a contender on this list.
220 N. Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA 90254
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