Neat or on the Rocks: The Top 5 Scotch Bars in Moscow

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The new elite in Russia is demanding the world’s very best products, Scotch whisky among them. Whisky bars are popping up all over Moscow with many stores and restaurants stocking a varied selection of some of the finest single malt available. A Scottish friend of mine, living in Moscow, admits that Russians love whisky, although are not very good at mixing it, but getting much better. So to give you some ideas where to reach perfection in the art of drinking scotch, here are the top 5 Scotch whiskey bars in the Russian capital.

1 & Whisky Bar

This classy whisky boutique with the bar features an assortment including 6,000 in alcohol items, and 1,500 of them are whisky. The Whisky Bar allows you to browse the extensive range and get expert recommendations and advice. Scotch miniatures are also on the list.

Chistoprudny Blvd., 10/1

2 Galereya Gradusov Store and Tasting Rooms

Cigar and whisky store Galereya Gradusov feature cigars and alcohol from almost all manufacturers. It offers customers the chance to try more than 700 different whiskys, including many independent bottlings exclusive to the store. By far the largest category is single malt Scotch but there are also whiskys from Ireland, Canada, America, Japan and India, from France even and a considerable miniatures collection.

5, Serpukhovsky Val

+7 495 9520542

3 Wall Street Bar

The motto of the bar seems pretty promising, "In drink we trust." Maybe that's why Wall Street Bar has become one of the most popular gathering spots in Moscow. It’s also famous for selling one glass of Scotch for a double the price of a bottle of whisky in Scotland.

Volkhonka St., 9/1

+749 91 657 31

4 Whisky World Store and Tasting Rooms

Whisky World offers a huge selection of Scotch malt whisky, bourbon, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky and whiskies from around the world. You’ll find everything, from big names like Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker and Glenfiddich, to small artisan whisky distilleries; all together there are more than 1,700 items on display.

Tverskoy Blvd., 9

+7 495 787-91-50

5 Simple Pleasures restaurant

Simple Pleasures restaurant is pitch-perfect for those who like drinking whisky late at night and smoking cigars. It features plasma screens, a fireplace and a bar offering a wide choice of cocktails and whisky. Work your way through the extensive menu and read about drinks from the Scottish Highlands to Japan. Of course, Champagne, cocktails, wines, cognac, rum and other tipples also appear on the bar’s menu.

Sretenka, 22/1

+7 495 207 1521

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