Neat or on the Rocks: The Haute 5 Scotch Bars in Orange County

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Slow, smooth and rich, sit back and sip some scotch — whether you prefer single malt or double, these refined and elegant spots are the best places in the county to enjoy a glass.  So take some time out to enjoy the amber glow, some things just can’t be rushed.

1 Houston’s

This steakhouse is known for it’s prime cuts and high profile clientele — if the booths could talk they’d probably tell you about more than just a few deals sealed within the restaurants walls. But don’t overlook the bar. They’ve got a great list of options and whether you like it neat or on the rocks, they’ll serve it up in signature Houston’s style.

2991 Michelson Dr.



2 A Restaurant

Great Scot, there’s plenty to choose from at A Restaurant’s bar. Happy hours here are bustling but if you want to take it easy, come after dinner for a slow and relaxed drink. They’ve got every Johnny and the best that Scotland’s got to offer, just keep your eyes peeled for the celebrities and watch the night glide on by.

3334 Pacific Coast Hwy

Newport Beach


3 The Arches

With the address shuffles and relocations, the Arches has finally settled into its new location and is serving up old school elegance and a no-nonsense list of scotch for beginners and aficionados alike. If you haven’t revisited this OC institution, you’d better get there quick, if the crowd’s any indication, they’ve sure found their sweet spot.

1617 Westcliff Dr.

Newport Beach


4 Orange Hill

Known as much for its unparalleled view as for the food, Orange Hill is another standby that proves that scotch isn’t the only thing that gets better with age. With more than two decades in the same hilltop spot, they’re pouring smooth blends and mellowed out vintages of scotch to feast on while your eyes take in the sights.

6410 E. Chapman Ave.



5 The Ritz Restaurant

Just a stone’s throw from Fashion Island, the Ritz is one restaurant you’d expect to serve up a strong glass of scotch — and they don’t disappoint. Whether you take it in the vintage room, at the bar or in the garden, there’s as many choices of venue as there are of blends.  Step up to this bar and you’ll see why the Ritz’s elegance and ambiance hasn’t changed for years.

800 Newport Center Dr.

Newport Beach


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