Brewski Time: The Haute 5 Beer Lists in New York City

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Bottoms up at these haute 5 hot-spots with the best beer lists in New York City.

1 The Ginger Man

As if more than 70 taps dispensing fresh ale and lagers and 160 bottles wasn't impressive enough, this Ginger Man certainly has a tale to tell. The Ginger Man stems from a lineage of beer quenching establishments. Starting in 1985 Houston, which is believed by many to be the first multi-tap bar in America, to the opening of it's New York hot-spot in 1996. The atmosphere is a mix of high to low charming mystique and the presentation flawless.

11 East 36th Street

New York, NY


2 Blind Tiger

Referring to it's namesake, blind tiger dates back to the 1800s when laws restricted the sale of alcohol. Bar owners would charge patrons to see a blind tiger or some time of spectacle and provide complimentary brew or spirits. Blind Tiger: "To us, some brewers are like Van Gogh: poor, starving, passionate, committed, brilliant, and, to the mainstream observer, a little mad. They don’t choose to make beer; they’re driven to do it." Bottoms up.

Bleecker Street

New York, NY


3 Heartland Brewery

For fresh craft beers and seasonal brews, it's Heartland Brewery. Brewmaster Kelly Taylor feels "It's really important to drink locally. Fresh beer is just better. It's important that you get the interesting flavors the brewer had in mind and taste the beer how it's supposed to taste." For the ultimate beer quench try the The Beer Goddess® A 3-liter (6.3 pints, 101.4 ounces, or 8.5 cans) hand-blown Pilsner glass filled with selected Heartland brews.

35 Union Square West

New York, NY


4 House of Brews

To select from over 100 different brews on tap and bottles from around the world, head to the House of Brews in Hells kitchen. A friendly, outgoing atmosphere to enjoy with friends or make new ones. Specialties include rotating seasonal beers on tap, a vintage menu and a 96oz Beer Bong that you can pour from your table. Pair with Bavarian pretzels, Chicken Wiener Schnitzel, Beer Braised Bratworst for a well-rounded meal and to avoid the morning blues.

302 West 51st Street

New York, NY


5 Stout NYC

Enjoy the rambling hallways, tunnels of Stout NYC. Play darts and shoot pool, while sipping the best stout selection in the city. Choose from Sweet, Dry, Imperial, Oatmeal, and Cream.

133 West 33rd Street

New York, NY


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