Brewski Time: The Haute 5 Beer Lists in Moscow

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Beer is usually associated with refreshing coolness, muscular foam. It is appreciated for its natural flavor and amber color. The choice is beer is very wide. It is made in many countries, each contributing in a unique way to the taste of this drink. Beer restaurants are the big thing in Moscow too. We look at the top places in Moscow with the astonishing lists of beer.

1 Schwarzwald Restaurant

This is one of the most popular beer restaurants in Moscow. The interior features the masterful combination of German heaviness, good quality and home-like coziness. The basement level setting is spacious with the bar area. Schwarzvald has 12 different Czech and German beers on tap and a few more come in bottled version.

Petrovka street, 14

Peschanaya Street

+7 495 2003595

2 Tinkoff Restaurant

Tinkoff produces Russia’s most famous micro-brewed beer. On top of their seven regular beers they also produce a special beer for each season. Tinkoff distinguishes itself from most other Russian breweries by adhering to the 1516 beer purity law from Germany that ensures quality in the selection of ingredients and in the brewing process itself. The result is a tastier and healthier beer than you will find elsewhere.

Tinkoff’s Live Beer Festival runs every year around the same time as a German festival Oktoberfest and is always the same fun.

Protochny Pereulok, 11

+7 495 777-3300

3 Shtolnya Restaurant

Shtolnya is notable for its unusual interior and selling Timmermans Kriek and Schlenkerla Rauchbier, beers that are very rare for Russia. This dark cellar with massive wooden columns and brick walls is full of attributes of miners. The food served here is excellent as well.

Zatsepsky Val, 6/13

+7 095 953-4268

4 Durdin Restaurant

Durdin’s design imitates 19th century Russian Imperial beer plant. The local specialty is the fresh beer manufactured straight in the restaurant and made according to the unique ancient recipes, some of them going back to 1839.

80 Leningradsky Prospekt

5 Budweiser Budvar Restaurant

The Budweiser Budvar brings the warmth of rural Prague to the capital of Russia. This rustic restaurant combines the characteristics of a beer restaurant with the atmosphere of family home. A beer garden invites eating, drinking and merrymaking. Here you'll be served Budweiser, Paulaner, and even beer cocktails Nut beer and Prazhechka. The restaurant's cuisine represents the best European dishes that are harmoniously combined with selected beers.

Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, 33

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