Sugar High: The Haute 5 Bakeries in San Diego

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Confection, sweet, goody, yummy, tasty, sugary concoctions are some of the truly wonderful things about being alive.  Here are the Haute 5 bakeries in San Diego, and their mouth-watering pieces of goodness enjoyed by the lucky locals of this gorgeous place.

1 Extraordinary Desserts

Extraordinary Desserts is an event. With two cafe locations, this is the bakery to visit in San Diego. With a global and cultural perspective on food, this bakery takes their tastes very seriously. Owner Karen Krasne feels that her clients should get lost in the sensuality of the desserts she creates, and she has succeeded. With a background in pastry from Cordon Bleu, her daily-changing meny features everything from homemade bread pudding to tortes to cookies and anything else along the way. Along with her amazing desserts, she is also a master at the art of cakes. There is nothing off in this gorgeous land of delectable yumminess!

2 Cake

What a great and to the point name! Cake is the place for, well, cakes! This bakery is amazing. They create cakes that make you wonder who the heck is lying in bed dreaming up these amazing goodies! Using true artistry and skill, Cake is the place to go for their namesake. Everything here is fresh baked and original, so if you're looking to find a haunted house shaped cake for Halloween or the most beautiful dessert for your wedding, these people can make it happen. This isn't just a place to order ahead, though, as they also have the Cake Cafe which serves up fresh-baked delights and coffee. Worth a stop in, every time.

3 Michele Coulon Dessertier

When you think of a refined bakery with little morsels of sweetness you could never make, and cakes to rival anything on reality baking shows, you are thinking of Michele Coulon Dessertier in La Jolla. Their desserts boast organic produce, Belgian chocolate, and real butter, three things we think all desserts should always boast! Their wedding and special event cakes look like works of art, and they taste even better than they look. It's a family affair at the dessertier, headed by Michele Coulon's background in French cuisine and her family's restaurant, the Belgian Lion Restaurant. These people know what they're doing, and your mouth will thank you.

4 Charlie's Best Bread

Bakeries aren't only about the sugary high, they are also supposed to be the place to find the tastiest bread in town, and Charlie's Best Bread delivers on that promise. Focusing on high-quality and all organic products, this bread isn't just delicious, it's also good for you! The bread isn't something you can just whip up in your own breadmaker in the kitchen, their recipes are specific and have a touch of sweetness from their special honey blend that gives the entire experience a different feel. As Americans, we don't often subscribe to the fanfare of great bread, freshly baked and created with care as some other countries do, but we should because it's amazing! With unique flavors such as Black Forest Chocolate Cherry and Spinach Feta, these are just goodies, they are meals!

5 BabyCakes

Have you ever been to a bakery in an 11889 Craftsman Home? Then get over to Babycakes right now and check this place out! This place is cool, that's the only word for it. Open beam ceilings, crazy chandeliers, comfy couches, and a vibe more like a coffee shop of the art crowd than a bakery, Babycakes is a favorite place to hangout. Besides the cool decor, though, the pastries are amazing! Cupcakes, pies, cookies, and cakes that are heavenly to taste are what you can look forward to when you spend a day at this hipster bakery. With a back patio garden, home-baked ambience permeating through the walls, and a dessert-and-cocktails bar soon to open, this place is very different than your run-of-the-mill bakery, in the best way possible. You don't often think to meet up with friends and spend an afternoon at a bakery, but you will once you've been here, and that's exactly their goal!

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