Roll with It: The Haute 5 Spicy Tuna Rolls in San Diego

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Sushi isn’t something you can accept when done poorly. The balance of tastes and consistency is an art not easily faked, and luckily in San Diego we have a great choice of restaurants that serve up some seriously amazing spicy tuna rolls. Here are the Haute 5 Spicy Tuna Rolls in San Diego:


If you're looking for sushi, you don't look beyond the name Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. The world nods in agreement that this sushi is the only sushi one need know, and in San Diego that means heading to the Hard Rock and trying to snag a seat in this famous restaurant. It's almost an insult to even try to critique what you should choose off this menu, be it lobster, yellowtail, miso soup, or the spicy tuna rolls, it's going to be the best sushi you've ever had.  Period.

2 Hive

If you ask people where the best sushi in town is, most likely they're going to mention Hive. With a swanky vibe and a decorator well-versed in hip, this sushi lounge is a great place to dine for both atmosphere and faire. The sushi is unbeatable and the spicy tuna roll is perfection. Located right in the middle of the Gaslamp, this is the sushi joint of all sushi joints in San Diego.

3 Harney Sushi

This sushi venue is fantastic, if for no other reason than there is a DJ spinning old-school jams while you chow down on the incredible rolls and dishes. Located in Old Town, Harney is for the ultra-cool sushi patron looking for a place to name drop, as well as sushi worth checking out. Now boasting a second location in Oceanside, this is the place to get your traditional spicy tuna rolls and your not-so-traditional Hippie Rolls, complete with a hint of sweet potato. Groovy, man.

4 Cafe Japengo

Always ranked as one of San Diego's top restaurants, Cafe Japengo is great sushi. Located in the lush and beautiful La Jolla area, Cafe Japengo is revered for it's fusion menus and creative ideas behind these truly delicious dishes. Rated Best Sushi Bar in San Diego magazine for over seven years, this place doesn't mess around. Taste their Japengo Special Roll, or simply ask the waiter to surprise you, because anything they bring is going to be an event.

5 Zen 5

What goes surprisingly well with sushi? Reggae music. Zen 5 is the place to meet up with friends and split huge platters of amazing sushi. Zen 5 is kind of famous in these parts, as a sort of staple in San Diego dining. They offer a huge selection of sushi options, and pride themselves on being the most varied in the field. Located in Pacific Beach, this is a great Friday night starting point to any crazy PB evening.

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