Roll with It: the Haute 5 Spicy Tuna Rolls in Boston

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Of all the sushi staples, spicy tuna roll is easily my favorite.  Since wasabi based spicy is about all my delicate taste buds can handle, ordering spicy tuna makes me feel at least a little bit adventurous. That is why it was such a culinary delight for me to explore the best of Boston’s sushi offerings to bring you the Haute 5 Spicy Tuna Rolls in Boston.

1 Fugakyu

Situated on Beacon Street in Brookline’s hip Coolidge Corner, Fugakyu offers its own personal spin on the classic spicy tuna roll.  For their creation, they mix chopped tuna with spicy mayo and tempura crumbs, cucumber and tobikko for a crunchy, salty and spicy roll with flavor that stands on its own, sans soy sauce.

1280 Beacon St

Coolidge Corner



2 Osushi

With views overlooking Copley Square, Osushi packs a lot of jet-set style into a small and slick space. An open kitchen flanks one side of the restaurant while the remaining three walls are wrapped in dark hues, as is their take on spicy tuna.  Going with the traditional maki roll (seaweed side out) Osushi pairs the tuna and spicy mayo mix with cucumber and tempura bits to keep the flavor tightly woven into well packed roll.

10 Huntington Ave

Copley Place



3 Douzo Sushi

An expansive space makes Douzo a perfect spot for lunchtime meetings or nighttime soirée, with ample privacy between many of the tables and booths.  The spicy tuna here will easily become a favorite and may entice you to try other spicy varieties. Never fear: Douzo also offers spicy salmon, seafood, scallop, yellowtail and a specialty shrimp roll call the Kamikaze.

131 Dartmouth St

Copley Square



4 Haru Sushi

With area groceries stores now offering spicy tuna rolls readily, the cache of the spicy tuna roll may have been lost for you.  But try a hand rolled spicy tuna at Haru and you will remember all the reasons you fell in love with the spicy tuna combo in the first place.  Made with a delicate and precise hand every bite is sure to give you pause as you soak in the rich infusion of flavors.

55 Huntington Ave

Copley Place



5 Oishii

For most people the only difference between one tuna and another is the label on the can.  But when we are talking about the freshest variety available, we need to be talking Oishii. Tuna varieties include, O-Toro, Toro, Maguro, Chu-Toro, Albacore, Super White, Bonito, Yellowtail, Hamachi, Kanpachi, Baby Hamachi, and Hamachi Toro. Mix any of them up into their spicy tuna salad with a cucmber wrap for the freshest sushi the sea has to offer.

1166 Washington St

South End



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