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Five-star restaurants and eight course dinners from prime city views are amazing, but what’s better than a fantastic burger and fries?  Not much, people, not much.  Here are San Diego’s Haute 5 burger and fries in the city.

1 Tioli's Crazee Burger

If you've been watching the Food Network lately, or a million other food shows, you've heard about Crazee Burger.  These guys are kind of crazy, with a menu of over twenty-five types of burgers cooked to order, this is the first place you need to head if you're looking to find the best burger.  Pair any one of these amazing burgers with the Crazee fries coated in salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, and some secret addictive seasoning, and your stomach is so happy!  Try out the traditional Plain Crazee Burger, or get brave and order up the Wild Boar Crazee Burger complete with it's plum jelly, and enjoy!

2 Rocky's Crown Pub

It's almost unanimous when you ask a local where the best burgers are, Rocky's is the place.  They don't even offer other food, you can get 1/3 pound or 1/2 pound burger, with or wihthout cheese, and fries.  That's how good the burgers are, anything else on the menu would be superfluous. Their patties are never frozen and all burgers are made to order.  They mean it when they say they have the best in town, and not one person disagrees!

3 Crest Cafe

The Zagat Guide rates them a top restaurant in San Diego, and we rate them a definite member of the Haute burger and fries list.  Located in Hillcrest, Cest Cafe is so good it's ridiculous. There's something about the bread these burgers come on, and the way they use such fresh ingredients that makes these burgers taste almost...healthy?  Charbroiled and served up with fries, these "Famous Crest Burgers" are not misnamed, they are famous after you eat one!

4 Nine-Ten

Want to get swank with your burger?  Head over to Cafe Nine-Ten for lunch and order up a Nine-Ten Burger.  They'll cook you an angus beef patty to order and top it the most delicious mustard aioli you can imagine.  Located in La Jolla and serving the upper crust their meals all day, this is a great find on your quest for an amazing burger!

5 The Vine

In OB, The Vine serves up a rockin' half-pound, prime angus beef burger that is something you will want to tell others about.  Served on tasty roll, instead of your traditional bun, and simply done with taste in mind, this is a truly great burger.  The entire vibe of The Vine is about great wine and great food, bu don't let that make you think their burgers don't stack up with the pubs, they really do.  Taste one, you'll see!

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