Roll with It: The Haute 5 Spicy Tuna Rolls in Los Angeles

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Sushi snobs may turn up their noses at this popular dish—as they do at many creative rolls (don’t even ask for it at Sasabune or other omakase spots). Let’s be honest, though, when you crave sushi, nothing quite satisfies like Spicy Tuna. You’d think the recipe would be simple enough: a little toro or ahi, a little wasabi, a little rice. But, all Spicy Tuna rolls are not created equally. Just ask anyone who makes his or her favorite spicy tuna, and you will get nearly as many answers as there are mouths. Still, in a city filled with sushi, there are some sure things. Here’s a Haute 5:

1 Hama Sushi

Serious about sushi? Then you want to make the trek downtown to Little Tokyo, where you’re guaranteed to get an authentic experience. Tiny Hama Sushi, in the heart of it all, gets many raves for the spicy tuna hand roll (even raves from people who don’t like spicy tuna!), though Komasa, Sushi Gen and Frying Fish are also favorites here.

347 East Second Street


2 The Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya

Even though this more casual offshoot of the hip, hot Katsu-ya chain specializes in grilled skewers and an Okinawan bent, the crispy rice with spicy tuna is a must-have here.

8420 West Third St


1133 Highland Avenue

Manhattan Beach

310. 796.1888

3 Simon LA

Though not a sushi chef per se, Kerry Simon’s gotten so many people addicted to his Tuna Dynamite roll (with lump crab, spiced with red chili aioli) that Dr. Drew might need to do an intervention.

8555 Beverly Boulevard



4 Asakuma

Here—at one of the oldest sushi restaurants in LA--the Spicy Tuna Don (that’s spicy tuna over sushi rice with wasabi, ginger and shitake mushrooms) is the way to go. And how's this for a twist: Asakuma delivers!

11701 Wilshire Boulevard

2805 Abbot Kinney Boulevard



5 Bui Sushi

At this recently expanded Malibu favorite, both the Spicy Albacore with Crispy Onions and the Spicy Tuna on rice cake get big thumbs up.

23733 Malibu Road



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