Haute Secrets Los Angeles: Evan Lysacek

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Haute Secrets Los Angeles

Name: Evan Lysacek

The stats: Born and raised in Chicago; has lived in Los Angeles for seven years; currently resides in Hollywood.

Why he loves Los Angeles: There is so much ambition in LA.

Evan Lysacek isn’t one to do anything halfway. A simple glance at his biography exemplifies this characteristic: The 6-foot-2 figure skater was named the 2010 Olympic Champion and 2009 World Champion. In fact, he’s been known to post the best finishes at the World Championships since 2005.

Aside from his figure skating career, Lysacek models on the side with the Public Image Models—a natural transition we assume, considering he dons creations of some of the most prominent designers of our time on the ice. Christian Dior, Gianfranco Ferré, and the late Alexander McQueen have all made costumes for Lysacek’s performances. He’s also made various public appearances as a spokesperson for the sport, and just like our recent Haute Secrets subject Kristi Yamaguchi, was on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, coming in second place.

Just as his endeavors have proven time and again, Lysacek goes for top-notch quality and usually lands it. His favorite places around Los Angeles are no different.

Check out Evan Lysacek’s favorite haute spots in Los Angeles at Haute Secrets.

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