Platinum GBF Dazzles Car Lovers

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Gold-plated, diamond encrusted, and platinum everythings are a norm for us at Haute Living, but a Platinum car? That’s something to buzz about! This vehicle dubbed “Over P001 GBF”  is a very colorful and innovative product of a collaboration from Gonzalez-Bizzarini-Futuro. As one of the rarest and most expensive materials, Platinum is used for car’s interiors, such as the steering wheel, the gearstick, logo, mascot, petrol, oil caps, wheel caps, and the switches on the dashboard. The show stopper, however, is the car’s exhaust system, whose pipes are linked internally with non-polluting platinum catalytic converters. This super car was revealed at Valenza Gioielli 2009, the international showcase event for haute jewelery.

Via: Luxury Launches

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