San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art Council Celebrates 75th Anniversary

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The Modern Art Council (MAC) was founded in 1934 by Helen Crocker Russell. In 1975, the Women’s Board and the Membership Activities Board joined to become the Modern Art Council. For 75 years, the Modern Art Council and its predecessors have been the lead fund raising auxiliary for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Members reach out from all parts of the Bay Area to fulfill their three part mission: art education and enrichment, camaraderie and fellowship, and raising money.

In December 2009, the Modern Art Council (MAC) celebrated 75 years of volunteer service and fundraising with a commemorative book and video, and a holiday luncheon at SFMOMA on December 2, 2009.

From the beginning the Women’s Board were trailblazers—they founded the first film program in the country in 1937, and opened the second Rental Gallery in the country in 1946. They founded the museum café and even served food as part of their volunteer duties. In 1954, during the presidency of Evie Haas, the Purchase Fund was established with $1,500—thereafter, 130 works of art were purchased for SFMOMA by the Women’s Board and Modern Art Council, including, David Park’s Bathers, 1954; Helen Frankenthaler’s Interior Landscape,1964; and Milton Avery’s Clear Cut Landscape, 1951.

And this involvement continues today. MAC’s present and past membership includes over 400 women, and a couple of men.

Pictured above: Jennifer Raiser, Marybeth LaMotte, Lynn Haller

Jennifer Raiser, Carol Doll, Lisa Miller
Jennifer Raiser, Carol Doll, Lisa Miller
Nancy Eslick, Blair Winn
Nancy Eslick, Blair Winn

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