U.S. Helicopter may Have Made its Final Landing

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Financial trouble has led to one more New York company closing its doors, or in this case, landing for good.  The popular New York shuttle service, U.S. Helicopter, offered scheduled helicopter service between helipads.  Operating to and from Manhattan and Kennedy International or Newark Liberty International Airports, the business made its final landing last week.

After only 3 years running, reports have surfaced that the financial turbulence was too much for U.S. Helicopter to recover from.  However, the company website, www.flyush.com, states otherwise.  “We are temporary halting all service as we regroup to add aircraft to our fleet and introduce new routes. This ‘standown’ of service applies to our scheduled flights as well as our charter service. We plan to return to the skies of New York – a bigger and better airline – by late November.” However, instead of rescheduling or offering complimentary travel for missed flight the company continues to write, “For information on refunds for tickets you hold for future travel, please contact your credit card company for a credit or refund.”  Blue skies are in their personal forecast, but the storm cloud seems to be lingering.

More about the Helicopter Shuttle Service’s future

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