MasterCard fit for Royals

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 Fringed with a golden metallic border, only nine Royale cards are handcrafted per day.

Swipe away your wishes with the bejeweled Royale MasterCard from Dubai First, the new premier consumer finance company of Dubai Holding. For the customer with the right elite social profile criteria, the Royale Card has innumerable, constantly updated features and benefits to help its users stay ahead of the market, as well as top-of-the-line discretionary security features for unbeatable protection.

The physical appearance offers special characteristics that match its status. The Royale Mastercard is the first of its kind to use a certified diamond embedded within its distinctive crest, utilizing metal implant technology. Fringed with a golden metallic border, only nine Royale cards are handcrafted per day.

With round-the-clock personal relationship and lifestyle managers at your beck and call, the Royale Card comes as a bespoke addition to any cardholder’s life. From booking jets to arranging invitations to exclusive openings around the world, the lifestyle managers help meet the demands of the most discriminating users. The managers can meet virtually any last-minute request and are able to offer insider information on select events, effectively combining cutting-edge features with benefits tailored to the high-flying lifestyle.

In other words, the Royale MasterCard will be an all-in-one package for any pursuer of the good life.

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