High Luxury Hits High Noon with J.W. Cooper

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 The Western version of the venerated fashion houses in Milan and Paris, bespoke cowboy-style is certainly not for light-wallets.

There is something empowering about good, old-fashioned cowboy boots. No longer is the pleasure of sporting a boot indicative of rowdy days in the Wild West reserved for Texans and Halloween celebrants. Fortunately for every little boy and girl who had to grow up, the look has spread like wildfire from Houston to Hong Kong, and is now accepted both in the rodeo and the boardroom. Bringing the heritage of the American West into closets that once knew only Prada and Gucci is J.W. Cooper.

Creating the western couture category, J.W. Cooper commissions the top few dozen craftsmen in the world to fashion belts, boots, buckles, and other western staples for the internationally wealthy craving the authenticity of the cowboy lifestyle. Not only are their artisans bona fide, but J.W. Cooper also uses the finest materials on this side of the Mississippi to ensure each piece is crafted as nature intended. Supple farm-raised alligator skin, turquoise, black jade, and Mediterranean coral are a few of the signature materials used by the Western experts.

With locations in New York City and Bal Harbour, Florida, J.W. Cooper’s products range from traditional alligator and calfskin boots to collectables like mammoth ivory hand carvings. They also carry modern and vintage watches by the luxury Swiss company Dubey & Schaldenbrand, and, for the avant-garde western shopper, their “Edge Collection” features skulls and exotic animal façades.

The Western version of the venerated fashion houses in Milan and Paris, bespoke cowboy-style is certainly not for light-wallets. J.W. Cooper’s signature fully belly alligator boots, requiring six alligator skins and three months’ production, will set you back $12,000. Belt and buckle sets range from $200 to over $10,000, certainly not for broke lone rangers.

Some of our favorite pieces include their elegant three-piece solid 14K gold buckle with platinum side domes, retailing for $9,800, along with the classic alligator belts that are $375 a pop. One of the more unique items in the J.W. Cooper shop is the Watch Cuff: The sterling silver cufflinks are created by the inner workings of vintage watches circa 1930 to 1960, each pair unique and dripping with western authenticity.

So with each strategically set sapphire and expertly skinned reptilian, J.W. Cooper brings back the West for every cowboy and cowgirl turned business mogul.

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