Sun Microsystems co-founder hopes for $40 million home sale

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Bill Joy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, may soon find himself jumping for joy.

Joy has decided to sell his lush, 11,000-square-foot triplex at 176 Perry Street – which he has never lived in – after purchasing it for $17.57 million five years ago.

Asking price: $40 million.

To the prospective buyer, the home, which occupies the entire eighth through 10th floors in the southernmost Meier-Perry tower in the West Village, the price would be well worth it, for a variety of reasons. The exterior and interior are both designed by renowned minimalist Richard Meier, bringing tastefully appointed, streamlined design that soothes all the senses – floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson River and downtown Manhattan don’t hurt, either.

Joy’s asking price – and the accompanying interest in the apartment – is once again proof that if there is a lull in the real estate market, it is certainly not being felt in high society.

We’ll toast to that.

Via Curbed 

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